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Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov have perhaps the biggest rivalry in MMA today. The two have gone at each other for over two years now, getting involved in team vs team scuffles, destroying buses and much more.

What upsets Khabib most of all, though, is that Conor has made it very personal by insulting his father and wife. Still, Khabib said he’d put all that to the side and accept an apology form Conor.

”Apologies always have to be accepted, no matter what he said. If a person apologizes and accepts his mistakes, we have to excuse him,” Khabib said.

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That said, “The Eagle” would not shake his hand, however.

”I’m not ready to shake his hand right now,” he said during a sit-down at the Synergy Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia (via RT Sport). “Everyone makes mistakes. There are no perfect people, everyone has flaws. I have flaws and so does he.”

Furthermore, Khabib won’t easily excuse Conor’s repeated transgressions outside of the Octagon, calling out “The irishman” for not having morals.

”When a person continues to behave this way, it means that it’s his nature. We saw that he recently hit a 70-year-old man. It shows a lack of morality and manners. So I’m not ready to shake his hand until he realizes something,” he added.

While it all sounds great, the chances of Conor actually apologizing to Khabib are slim to none, as their beef and anger towards one another seems to be as “Real As It Gets.”

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