Conor McGregor has always been in great shape, as he’s never missed weight and always shows up ready to fight due to his rigorous diet.

And since he also serves as his own model for his personal August McGregor line, being in shape is a priority.

That said, there is always room for improvement, something McGregor realized after he spent his previous training camp for UFC 229 partying, drinking and fighting on fight week.

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And when you’re a high-level athlete, taking care of yourself sometimes costs with a heavy price tag.

While McGregor admits that at times he’s rather spend his money on watches and cars instead of his body, that is no longer the case.

He is taking a page out of Lebron James’ book, who reportedly spends millions of dollars to keep his body in peak physical form.

And the results speak for themselves, as James is still the best player in the NBA at age 35.

“I read something about LeBron James a while back about maybe a year ago,” McGregor sai during a recent interview with Ariel Helwani.

“That he spent $1.5 million annual on his health, himself. His everything. His nutritionists, trainers, everything. And I spent nothing. Only in camp.”

“I drop money on a bleeding car, or a watch,” McGregor said.

“So I’m like, spend on myself. My health, my fitness, and that’s helped me. And then you’re going to acquire even more when you’re sharp, and that’s what I am now.”

After hearing that from Conor, James actually took the time to name drop McGregor during a recent interview at practice, saying he was proud to and humbled by the fact that he can inspire other world-class athletes.

“In all honesty, I play the game and I train my body,” James told HoopJab (via MMA Junkie).

“I put the work into my body to hope to inspire other athletes around the world – other great athletes.”

“If I’m able to rub off on Conor and other athletes that feel like it’s beneficial to them, I think that’s a pretty cool thing. It’s humbling for one. I take my body very seriously.”

Kings recognize kings.

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