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Newsflash: Conor Mcgregor is filthy rich.

That being said, some of Manny Pacquiao’s camp are uninterested in fattening up the bank account of “Notorious”

That’s why they want no part of a potential boxing match between Conor and “Pacman.”


“Why even make that guy rich?” Fortune told The Manila Times this week (via MMA Junkie). “And it won’t do absolutely nothing for Pacquiao as far as his legacy (is concerned).

“Remember, this is just my opinion: Manny goes down as the greatest fighter in history when he finishes because no one has done what he accomplished in boxing.

“Why destroy your legacy for a bum like McGregor?”

Well, McGregor is far from a bum as he is one of the greatest MMA fighters ever, the first man to win two division titles at the same time for UFC.

ANd let’s not forget, he willed his way into a boxing match against the greatest fighter of this generation, Floyd Mayweather, three years ago. So if he can go rounds against “Money,” he could likely do the same with Pacquiao.

And of course, there are two sides to the equation: Not only would McGregor get richer, but so would Pacquiao, and who doesn’t want more money?

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