Celebrated Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao is the candidate for the presidency of his country in the 2022 elections. Pacquiao, who is currently serving as a senator, was nominated as a presidential candidate by the PDP-Laban party at the national assembly. He is expected to oppose incumbent Philippine President Rodrigo Duarte, who will run for a new term. In his boxing career, Pacquiao achieved a score of 62 wins, seven defeats, and two draws. He will be remembered for being the first world champion in eight different categories.

He won the last belt in 2019 in the welterweight category. Although he has not officially retired, the fight against Yordenis Ugas in August, which the 42-year-old from the Philippines lost by a unanimous decision of the judges, is believed to be the last in his career. By the way, Pacquiao entered political waters in 2010, when he was elected to the House of Representatives of the Philippines. All boxing fans were both shocked and delighted by the information that Pacquiao will be fighting again this summer. The celebrated Filipino boxer lacked adrenaline, although engaging in politics is certainly not a naive job.

Pacquiao surprisingly returned to the ring in August but did not make a name for himself as he suffered a defeat by the aforementioned Ugas. It will be interesting to see what further steps Pacquiao will take when it comes to his boxing career. It remains to be seen in the coming period whether he will definitely retire and dedicate himself exclusively to politics. He first withdrew in 2019 and then, as we mentioned, returned to the ring this August. Pacquiao is now well into his fifth decade of life and it is realistic to expect him to finally say no to boxing. Pacquiao seems to have chosen the right profession after a boxing career which he admittedly revitalized. He decided to get involved in politics, and we will see if he could become the president of the Philippines next year.

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It is hugely popular in this island nation. In addition to boxing and politics, he also tried his hand at music and acting. He also practised basketball. At one time, he carried the flag of the Philippines at the Olympic Games, although he did not participate in that competition at all. That fact speaks volumes about how popular Pacquiao is on the said island. The ruling structures in the Philippines just then decided for him to carry the flag knowing that it would be a great opportunity to promote their country and who is a better promoter of the Philippines than the famous boxer. We mentioned that he tried his hand at basketball and even got an honorary place in the Boston Celtics.

Pacquiao is also known as someone who does a lot of humanitarian work and is the first athlete from the Philippines to find himself on a postage stamp. He was advised to retire from boxing eight years ago due to the observed symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Certainly, the biggest fight of his career was the one he had against Floyd Mayweather. Everyone was expecting an exciting match, but the injured Pacquiao could not offer a worthy resistance to the popular “Money”. The match had a stormy epilogue as Mayweather called Pacquiao a coward and a loser and did not fight him again. Pacquaio is certainly not a coward. He is a great winner, and whether he will be able to win the elections and become president remains to be seen in the coming years


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