If you’ve been following the latest news about Conor McGregor you are well aware of the CCTV footage which showing “The Notorious” punching an elderly man at a Dublin Pub. The backlash following the incident has been harsh and probably much deserved.

Recently, more footage has emerged which show McGregor getting into the Taxi which was ordered to take the elderly man back to his home. Conor is seen getting out of a Land Rover and getting into the Taxi outside the Marble Arch Pub.

While it’s unclear what McGregor and the man discussed inside the taxi, once the meeting was over, Conor and his friend left the area quickly after.

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A source told The Sun: “It’s anyone’s guess what was discussed in the taxi, perhaps McGregor was trying to apologise for the incident.

“The man was just in the pub for a quiet drink and after the incident he calmly finished his pint and got into the taxi.

“Gardai had to look into the meeting because it formed part of the overall investigation.”

The 50 year old man who suffered the blow appeared to be “okay” after the UFC star punched him, but a close friend has stated he was not able to leave his home for a week after the incident due to his face hurting so much and that he was severely shaken by what happened


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