In a quickly deleted comment, Conor McGregor launched a despicable personal attack against Luke Keeler and both is young sons, despite his recent run with the law and being labeled a bully after assaulting a man in an Pub.

After vowing to mend his thuggish ways earlier this week, his response on one of Keelers Instagram posts was pretty distasteful:

‘Coolhandlukek’ wrote: “I’m up to Number 4 in the WBO World Rankings and close to agreeing World title fight Paddy’s Weekend thanks to @petetaylorboxing and @mtkglobal getting me this far but I’m just getting started and I will go all the way”.

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The message which was from McGregor’s verified account replied: “RIP Bobby Messett and Paul Kavanagh”, before goading the middleweight boxer about his two sons.

McGregor and Keeler have a boxing grudge and the angry phone call earlier this month, when Keeler said McGregor agreed to fight him, but that he doubted it would happen.

“It would be quickest way for him to get Irish people’s respect back but respect and class is something he has none of and something money can’t buy.”

Back to the history behind McGregors vanished comment, Bobby Messett was shot dead while training at Bray Boxing Club in June 2018. Keelers trainer was also shot in the incident. In another unrelated shooting, Paul Kavangh was shot in 2015. The 26-year-old was looking for parking outside his home on Church Avenue, Drumcondra, Dublin 9 when he was shot multiple times by two attackers.


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