After video footage of Conor McGregor decking an older gentleman inside an Irish pub surfaced last week, Conor’s critics and allies all chimed in with their opinion on the matter.

Khabib Nurmagomedov wants Conor locked up for his infraction, while people like Joe Rogan and Anthony Pettis don’t believe Conor was just going around punching random dudes, but rather he was goaded into the altercation.

UFC president Dana White, meanwhile, says McGregor really needs to tone it down a bit and realize when it’s time to say “enough is enough.” Joe Rogan, meanwhile, wants Conor to still keep living his best life, but know when to reel it in.

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Now, former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, is given his two cents on the matter, telling TMZ Sports that “Notorious” is a really kind man who has earned a second chance.

“Absolutely, he is a wonderful person and a really kind man,” said Tyson of Conor. “He’s earned it.”

Of course, McGregor has since apologized for the unfortunate incident after the man labeled him a “bully with money.” In “Iron Mike’s” eyes, McGregor will have good things coming his way for owning up to his mistakes.

“He is going to get good karma for that,” added Tyson, before being taken away by his security team.

Of course, if we are keeping count, Conor has already had his fair share of chances, as he has been involved in numerous out-of-the cage altercations throughout his combat career.

The former UFC two-division champion is adamant he will start thinking twice about how he reacts before he puts things in motion.

Let’s hope for his sake that he does, because all drama aside, he is one of the most enigmatic fighters in the history of the sport. And if his shenanigans ramp up, he could be another tragic tale of a super athlete spiraling out of control to the point of no return.

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