For all intents and purposes, Conor McGregor is still the biggest star in MMA today. That said, “Notorious” hasn’t won a fight since 2016, and he currently holds no titles to speak of.

Conor has suffered a bit of a damage to his image, as well, as he has been involved in numerous out of the cage legal troubles, including punching an elderly man and smashing a fans phone.

Still, former NBA champion, Paul Pierce, says Conor can still find his way back to the top and explains why he may have fell off a bit.

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“The thing about being on top is that you have so many people pulling on you. You got so many eyes watching you. So the person you were years before, before you became the megastar, you have to adapt to being a superstar, understand that people are going to try and pull you down,” explained Paul to Submission Radio.

“So, you have to be smart, be smart in what you do, how you say, how you act in the public eye. Because now you’re looked upon as a champion, as a person who rose to the top while other people are trying to pull you down. So, you have to change your ways if you want to stay on top,” he added.

“Now if you don’t do that, as we saw, he fell from the top of the mountain. Can he get back there? Absolutely. But he’s going to have to change some things. I don’t know if there’s one piece of advice, but I think that you learn from your experiences,” he said while comparing Conor to Kobe Bryant.

“Some people, they get to the top of the mountain and then they get pulled down and they have to grow. We saw that with Kobe Bryant. He did his trial and the things he went through, and then he went back to the mountain top. So you learn, you move on, you mature and you grow from it.”

Of course, Kobe was accused of rape years ago, something he denied, but did admit to infidelity.

They say the comeback is always greater than the setback, now it’s time to see if McGregor can proved that adage right.


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