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Bob Arum is well known for being one of the best boxing promoters in the history of the sport, having worked with all of the top names in the industry.

Now, he represents undefeated welterweight champion, Terence “Bud” Crawford, who has racked up 27 knockouts in his career.

So after Arum saw Conor McGregor dismantle Donald Cerrone in just 40 seconds at UFC 246 (see it here), he immediately started campaigning for a fight between Conor and Crawford.

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“I would love to have [Terence] Crawford fight McGregor, once MMA rules and once boxing rules,” Arum said on The Talk box podcast.

According to Arum, Terence isn’t a stranger to the ground game. “Crawford has a background in wrestling and would not be adverse to fighting McGregor with UFC rules.

Arum also says he will be talking with UFC president Dana white about making it happen.

“That’s something that’s occurred to us in the last couple of days, and we’ll be pursuing it with Dana White,” Arum added.

Of course, McGregor is no stranger to the biggest boxing stage, as he took on Floyd Mayweather a few years ago.

despite losing, Conor recently stated that he intends to box again.

A fight against Crawford would be interesting, but unfortunately he doesn’t have the same selling power as a Mayweather.

that said, Conor has proven he can sell a card regardless of who he fights, and it will be big business all the way around.

That said, Conor has the pick of the litter at the moment, but Dana White said he won’t let Conor box this year.

That’s because “Notorious” ha a laundry list of MMA fighters who are eager to get tier shot at him.

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