Conor has had quite a lot of backlash lately, but that doesn’t mean his legendary journey over the last few years isn’t still a massive inspiration.

From wins, some losses, retiring and then suddenly coming back, McGregor’s success is all down to a book.

‘The Notorious’ grew up in Dublin and started kickboxing as a hobby when he was 12. In 2006, while doing a plumbing apprenticeship, he met Tom Egan, and that’s where his passion and love for MMA started.

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About the same time, Conor’s sister, Erin, gave Connor a book that she’d been reading; The Secret by Rhonda Bryne’s. It is based on the belief of the law of attraction, which claims that thoughts can change a person’s life directly.

Erin swore by the book, as a fitness model and bodybuilder, and tried to convince Conor to give it a read. Initially, he refused as he thought it was absolute hogwash.

About a year later, Conor’s girlfriend watched the DVD adaption, and that’s when connor decided to give it a go.

Conor says that the book spoke to him and that he soon realized his mind was more powerful than he realized, by using his mind and focusing on his goals, he could reach success. He began by testing this theory on small things, with success!

“We would be driving to the shop and visualizing the exact car park space,” he says. “And then we’d be able to get it every time.”

According to BR, Conor’s family believe The Secret is the reason for his meteoric rise to fame and success and the reason he is the man he is today.


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