In any realm of sports, or the entertainment business for that matter, we get a person that changes the game and sets the bar high for everyone else.

In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), that man is Conor McGregor, who has taken the sport by storm since making his debut in 2013. And that’s saying something, as UFC has several big stars at its disposal.

Still, there is only one McGregor, and there will never be another according to UFC president Dana White. But that hasn’t stopped many from trying to up their trash talk game to emulate “Notorious.”

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“It happens, when you see a guy who’s as successful as he is and he’s fun, I mean you see the guy’s fun and everything else, and you start thinking ‘well maybe if I act like this, I’ll have what he has.’ There’s only one Conor McGregor,” said White in an interview with Hashtag Sports.

“People will always ask me ‘do you think you’ll ever find another Conor McGregor, are you trying to find another Conor McGregor? There will never be another Conor McGregor.”

”But there will be somebody else who’s different in their own way,” he finished. “And they will become a star in their own way.”

Indeed, McGregor truly is a unicorn the fight game, as his style, words and consistency landed him a crossover boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, something many felt would never happen.

While he lost that fight, and his last UFC bout against Khabib Nurmagomedov, his star power hasn’t dwindled, and you can bet once he’s ready to step back into the cage everyone will be watching.

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