When one of the biggest stalwarts of UFC decides to give you tips and ideas on your nutrition and fitness, you should listen. Those are some tips molded by hard work and experience. So, here are a few fitness and diet tips from the legend himself, Conor McGregor. Although the notorious MMA star has a unique skillset, hard work goes a long way.

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1. Mobility

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McGregor swears by Mobility training. This fitness and diet tip encompasses everything from a lifestyle choice to doing one-arm handstands. Interestingly, most MMA artists have been involved in it since Ido Portal’s ‘Movement Culture’ began a thing. The trick is to keep moving and prioritize on body movements. No. Matter. What.

2. Cardio Is Key

The next fitness and diet tip is one that every coach at the gym would tell you- ‘Don’t skip cardio’. While there is a lot of rumors about cardio reducing muscle mass, we all know that in a sport where resilience is key, you need the stamina to keep standing. After losing to Nate Diaz at UFC 196, he decided to work on his cardio and use his energy effectively. This led to him winning the rematch.

3. Simple, Clean Eating

You can’t expect to be a fighter and still relish pizzas day in and day out. Conor McGregor keeps his meal plan simple and clean, relying mostly on unprocessed and organic foods. He also consciously stays away from junk food and processed meals. Just like every other athlete on the planet, he needs protein to build up strength. He gets it from meat and protein shakes. And when he isn’t drinking protein shakes, he simply drinks lots of water.

4. Zero Machines

McGregor doesn’t use machines to build himself up. According to him, “Machines don’t use machines. His strength comes mostly from a wide combination of pushups, pullups and other bodyweight exercises. And he tops them all off with boxing and MMA training. Not only does his strength develop, but he also has amazing reflexes and speed.

5. Recovery

One of the most important fitness and diet tip you would get from McGregor is letting your body recover. You can’t overexert yourself and expect it to give you higher results. Even science has his back on this one. After his loss to Diaz at UFC 196, he blamed his lack of energy as a major reason for his loss. Even his opponent pointed out that the lack of cardio can be an issue.

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6. Eating After Working Out

Not just protein shakes, but full-scale meals are necessary for the body. A body needs to feel nourished and that is what his trainer gives him after every workout. And it has certainly worked wonders for him. This fitness and diet tip is not from Conor McGregor, but his trainer.

So, why not try following the fitness and diet tips that Conor has prescribed for you? It will carve you as a great MMA warrior.


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