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For as great as Jon Jones and Conor McGregor both are inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon, their actions outside of the cage have sometimes cast a dark cloud over them.

For instance, Jon’s personal troubles have been greatly-detailed all over the media: From his hit-and-run in New Mexico, crashing his Bentley in New York, arguing with cops and now being accused of getting handsy with a waitress at a strip club, it seems Jones can’t get out of his own way.

Conor, meanwhile, has had his own run-ins with Johnny Law, as he was arrested a few years ago for the terrible scene he caused in Brooklyn, New York. Earlier this year, he was in the spotlight again after he smashed a fan’s phone and taken into custody.


Still, according to ex-UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, UFC as a promotion and fans as consumers seem to give McGregor a bit more preferential treatment.

“We gonna act like Conor doesn’t do that every week? And we still want to put him on every fight card; he’s the biggest star,” Woodley told TMZ (via MMA News).

“The second Jon Jones does something… I’m defending the fact that we selectively throw people under the bus. Conor has done way worse things than Jon, and he’s glorified and praised as some ‘Scarface’ of our sport.”

I honestly don’t understand Woodley’s sentiment, as UFC has always been supportive of Jones, as well, despite his past transgressions and multiple failed drug tests, something Conor has never done in his career.

In fact, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta once made it a point to attend one of Jon’s court hearings.

Nevertheless, Woodley seems to think that Conor gets a bit more love.

“I’m not gonna give him (Jones) a pass, either, because it ain’t my job to give the pass out,” Woodley said. “All I’m saying is this: Let’s get all the details first, but let’s not forget there’s a lot of bullshit that go on in our sport that we glorify.”

Do you agree with Woodley’s comments?

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