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Top UFC middleweight contender Yoel Romero recently won the biggest payday of his combat career, and he didn’t even have to knock someone out or submit them.

Indeed, “Soldier of God” won his lawsuit against Gold Star Performance Products, the company behind the tainted supplement he took back in 2016 which caused him to fail a drug test administered by USADA.

After suing the company late last year, a New Jersey court awarded the settlement in Romero’s favor yesterday. This is how his payout looks like:


“$27.45 million is the total Yoel was awarded. $3 million for lost wages, $3 million for reputable harm, $3 million for emotional damage which is then multiplied times three for the state of New Jersey ‘Consumer Fraud Act.” said Ariel Helwani via Romero’s manager, Abraham Kawa.

According to Romero’s management team, while the money is nice, clearing his name once and for all was the most important thing.

Of course, how much of that coin Yoel actually sees is another story, as it seems the only reason he won the case is due to the fact that the company didn’t show up to the hearing, and lawyers have not been able to get in touch with them.

That said, it’s very easy for the company to file for bankruptcy, close up shop and move along. Hopefully, Romero does get to see at least some of the cash.

Nevertheless, the ruling may have just put every other supplement company on notice moving forward.

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