McGregor's next opponent

Khabib Nurmagobedov really did a number on Conor McGregor. His defeat over the latter led to Conor being seriously unhinged about life itself. From assaulting an old man in a pub, this Irish- who loves to be in the spotlight- has really garnered some hatred. After a shock retirement and an even more shocking comeback, UFC has finally found the next opponent for this champion.

next opponent

Surprise, surprise, it is Justin Gaethje! The previous champion might not have been in the best of forms, but he is getting there. An intense training regimen and he will hit the octagon in 2020. Dustin Poirier was also thought to be one of his opponents, but Gaethje’s manager Ali Abdelaziz reported that the UFC wanted Justin to fight Conor.

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As it goes with UFC, trash-talk has been an integral forerunner to this fight as well. Gaethje has called out Conor McGregor as a coward, who would either not fight, or fight someone like Frankie Edgar. Although Edgar is a good fighter in his own right, he is 30 pounds lighter than the above two. And in UFC, that makes a difference.

Gaethje has driven his point home by not just calling him a coward, but also someone who cared too much about his public image rather than the sport itself. Although Conor McGregor does want a rematch with Khabib as his next opponent, the only way to do so would be to participate in the top-flight of the competition. While absolutely feasible, it will take some time.

McGregor's next opponent

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In an interview with TMZ Sports, Gaethje mentions how Conor McGregor would regularly tweet about fighting him as his next opponent but never respond to messages. Gaethje himself messaged him six to seven months back, asking to be his friend. He even tried reverse psychology, but Conor wouldn’t be drawn out.

Adamance or cowardice? You decide.

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