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Deontay Wilder drew the ire of the combat world after he blamed his loss to Tyson Fury on his 45-pound costume.

According to Wilder, the outfit was so heavy that by the time he got to the ring, his legs were completely gone.

Aside from that, the outfit was pretty extravagant, having cost him $40,000.


According to UFC president Dana White, he will never allow that type of “bullshit” in the UFC.

“If you think about boxing and fights when fighters are getting ready, they’re in the back, they’re relaxing,” White told TMZ Sports.

“Some guys sleep. Some guys just lay around and chill. Then you get up, you time it out, do your warm-up. Then you throw something on to stay warm. You don’t put all this gear on and all this stuff. That’s why I don’t do any of that bullshit in the UFC. I don’t like it. I don’t like any of that.”

While boxing has always been bout showmanship, Fury and Wilder’s walkouts looked a bit too much WWE style.

While some appreciate that side of the sport, others simply do not care for it.

Especially when you start blaming your performance on it.

What do you think, do you like fighters walking out with extravaganza outfits before a fight, or do you side with Dana on this one?

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