Photo credit: Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors

Long before Conor McGregor was the UFC lightweight and featherweight champion at the same time, he dominated cage Warriors.

In fact, he was also the dual champion in that promotion, winning both the 145 and 155 pound straps.

UFC recently released a free fight which shows Conor knocking out Ivan Buchinger to win the lightweight title, making history for the promotion.

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Of course, that was only a sign of things to come.

Indeed, Conor made history on the grandest MMA stage of them all, beating Jose Aldo to win the featherweight title.

Soon thereafter, McGregor knocked out Eddie Alvarez to win the lightweight title, becoming the first man in UFC to hold two titles at once.

Of course, Conor isn’t done making history just yet, as he vows that the best is yet to come from him in both boxing and MMA.

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