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UFC’s one and only “Baddest Motherfu**er,” Jorge Masvidal, is ready to get into a different kind of fight.

The welterweight standout recently took to social media to revealed that he will be in Australia a few weeks, presumably on a business trip.

While there, Jorge wants to help with the disastrous fires that have ravaged the country, causing millions in property damages and has taken the lives of several people and countless animals.


“Gamebred” took to social media to proclaim that all of his proceeds from his visit will go to aid the country of Australia.

But on top pf that, Jorge wants to physically help put out fires.

“This is scary,” Masvidal wrote on social media. “I’ll be in Australia in February and would like to help. Proceeds from my visit will go to help but I also want to physically help put out the fires.”

Now that is indeed a true “BMF!”

Australia has been in a long drought, so the chances of rain pouring down to help put out some of the flames simply isn’t happening anytime soon.

Sadly, the devastating fires are still going strong with no signs of letting up, so we can only hope that any help that Jorge — and anyone else who has done his or her part — helps control it to prevent further loss of life.

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