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It’s never fun to get fired from a job. It especially hurts around the holidays.

But to find out you are released of your duties in the middle of doing a project for your employer has to sting a bit more.

According to Liz Carmouche, she was notified that she had been cut by the promotion while she was doing promo work for them in Washington D.C., visiting hospitals and veterans on UFC’s behalf.

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“I was in the car with Reed Harris and a few other fighters,” Carmouche explained to Ariel Helwani.

“We had just came back from a hospital for children, talking to some kids who were going through different treatments, and also to some adults that were going through chemotherapy.”

“On the drive back, on the way to go get food and my management calls. And I’m like, ‘Well that can’t be a good thing, if I’m in this car.’”

UFC on ESPN 7 went down in Washington, so UFC had select fighters in town doing promo work, Liz included.

To make matters worse, Liz say she took time off from her day job as a trainer to fly to the nation’s capital.

According to UFC officials, they weren’t aware that Carmocuhe was doing work for them when she got the call.

As for why she was released, Liz says UFC informed her no one wanted to fight her, preventing the promotion from building up the division.

And since she wanted to fight more often, it was better to part ways.

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