Conor McGregor has called out Hollywood mega-star Mark Wahlberg on two different occasions already. While it isn’t known if “Notorious” is actually serious about fighting him, one man has had enough of the callouts.

That man is undefeated boxer Regis Progrias, who is managed by Wahlberg. Regis took to Instagram to lay down the gauntlet.

“So, look, I’m hearing that Conor McGregor is trying to fight my man, Mark Wahlberg,” Prograis said. “Look here — don’t call on no actors, dog. Call out a real fighter.”

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“We’ll do a two-fight deal. I’ll fight you in the ring first. I’m definitely gonna whoop your ass. Then, I’m going to fight you in the Octagon and I’m gonna whoop your ass in that.”

“Don’t call out the actors. Call out a real world champion. I will hurt your ass.”

Everybody wants a piece of “Notorious.” And rightfully so, as a fight against Conor means big paychecks for all parties involved.

While it’s highly-unlikely that Conor will ever entertain a fight against the 24-0 WBC light welterweight champion, it may put an end to fighters calling out celebrities.

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