Conor McGregor is currently in Moscow, Russia on a media tour, where he announced that he would be coming back to action on January 18, 2020.

While he has been received with open arms, for the most part, there are some who aren’t too happy with “Notorious’s” presence in Russia. Case in point, Conor was recently doing an open workout. While there, a man asked Conor why he insisted on insulting the Dagestani people.

When Conor responded that it was due to the fact that he himself was insulted by the country after many supermarkets sold chicken in honor of him in the leadup to the fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 last year, the man took offense and threw a bottle at him.


Man: Do you remember what you said about Dagestani people?

Conor: Yes I do.

Man: If you hate Khabib and his team, why do you say bad things about people?

Conor: I will tell you why. Because the disrespect the people showed me in the leadup. They sold items in the grocery store with my name on it.”

Mna: All people, my father, my brothers, you think they are all cowards?

Conor: Yes, yes, yes.

Man: Why Cowards? What my brother, my father do to you?

Conor: Shut up you fool!

Thankfully, the man didn’t have the best aim and Conor was able to easily avoid getting hit. The man was then ushered out by security still screaming at McGregor.

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