Lucky fans were treated to a surprise of a lifetime during a recent tip to Dublin, Ireland, as a chance encounter allowed them to meet none other than Conor McGregor.

The family, who was visiting Ireland from the United States, decided to stop by Straight Blast Gym to pick up a souvenir for another family member back home, who is a big “Notorious” fan.

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Little did they know they would be getting so much more.

Upon entering the gym, they were greeted by none other than McGregor himself, who was thrilled at the excitement the family showed at meeting him.

Like a true sport, Conor took selfies with the family, and even showered them with gifts.

Among them were autographed shirts and bottles of Proper No. 12 whiskey.

As for the fan back home, he wasn’t left out, as his mother called him via FaceTime so that he could have a few words with “Notorious. Conor, meanwhile, was happy he could make someone’s day that much better.

“I should start carrying a couple of boxes (of Proper No. 12) shouldn’t, you know what I mean? For things like this,” McGregor said as he went to his career to get more bottles to gift away.

“They just pulled up in a taxi. She survived breast cancer. She’s never been away, she’s from America. It’s the first time they’ve come here, they just landed and they came to the gym and they seen the Bentley and go, ‘That has to be him!’ Deadly. Good energy!”

One of the fans is a breast cancer survivor and was traveling out of the country for the first time ever. McGregor was thrilled and advised her to travel more often.

That said, her first venture out of US soil was definitely a memorable one!

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