Conor McGregor suffered a devastating loss at UFC 257, losing to Dustin Poirier via technical knockout (TKO) in the second round.

It was Conor’s first fight in over a year, and just his third since 2018. In fact, according to “Notorious’s” post-fight remarks, he feels inactivity played a huge role in his loss to “The Diamond.”

“You know, it’s hard to overcome inactivity over long periods of time and that’s just it,” he said. “The leg kicks were good. That low calf kick was good. The leg was dead and then … I just wasn’t as comfortable as I needed to be. It’s inactivity and that’s it. But Dustin Poirier is some fighter. If you don’t put in the time in here, you’re going to get cold in here. I’ll have to dust it off and come back and that’s it, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

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Prior to his fight against Poirier, McGregor said he felt like UFC shelved him in 2020, only giving him one fight in January of 2020.

And judging by his comments inside the Octagon during his post-fight interview, McGregor wants to say busy in 2021 despite the tough loss.

“Of course, I need activity you guys, come on,” McGregor said. “You don’t get away with being inactive in this business and that’s the way it is. I’ll take my licks. I’m gutted, I’m gutted. I put so much work in. Well done Dustin, good man. It’s a tough one to swallow. I put in a lot of work, I’m proud of my work. I’d like to have represented my team a bit better, but we’ll get to go again and that’s it. I’m going to go home to my kids in the hotel and just chill for a bit and regroup and that’s it,” he concluded.

There are several options for McGregor moving forward, especially since he can fight at featherweight, lightweight and welterweight.

For now the box office king will regroup and go back to the drawing board.

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