Video has surfaced online (via TMZ) that shows Conor McGregor punching an old man out of nowhere inside The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin, Ireland.

Since there is no audio, there is not telling what was said between Conor and the unidentified man. Whatever occurred between the two men, it must’ve been enough to upset “Notorious,” as he clocked the fellow with a left hand right in the face.

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What can be seen is Conor having a discussion with him, and then offering to buy him a drink of his Proper No. 12, to which the man refused by putting the glass away. A few moments later, McGregor slugged the man.

Thankfully, it didn’t seem to land cleanly as the old man to k the punch and carried on about his day. No word on whether or not charges were pressed or if there is an on-going investigation.

Word has it the event took place a few months back, but video is just now coming to light.

Earlier this year, Conor was involved in another public dispute, this time smashing a fans phone on the concrete after he took a picture of him without his consent. That matter was settled out of court.

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