When Conor McGregor is around, it’s become a habit that somebody is going to be jumping over the cage either to get in or out.

Let’s take it all the way back to 2013. After Conor defeated Max Holloway in Boston, he jumped out of the Octagon to confront Jose Aldo. Last year at a Bellator event, “Notorious” jumped into the cage to celebrate with one of his teammates, which upset commissioners and referees alike.

And we can’t forget about the now-infamous brawl at UFC 229 which saw Khabib Nurmagomedov jump out to fight Conor’s team, while Khabib’s team jumped into the cage to fight Conor.

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So when McGregor made a surprise appearance this weekend at Bellator 227 in Dublin, Ireland to support his team, you felt something else was bound to happen.

Thankfully, this time around it was much more peaceful, as James Gallagher — Conor’s teammate — jumped out of the cage to give his friend a big hug in celebration.

Still, ringside officials cut the celebration short given the past history, and forced James back into the cage without incident.

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