The Notorious’ Conor McGregor seems to be making headlines quite often in the last few years, and some of those biggest stories had not much to do with his fighting career.

We’ve dug up three of those stories, in light of the recent hot water he’s landed himself in by punching someone at a bar. (You can read about that HERE)


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Conor got way ahead of himself and jumped in when Charlie Ward and John Redmond were fighting at Bellator 187 back in November 2017. He jumped into the cage (literally) to celebrate with Ward, who knocked Redmond out as the bell sounded to end the round.

The issue was that not only was Conor not a licensed cornerman for that event, but the fight had actually not yet been declared over. That aside, referee Goddard was still trying to assert whether Ward had delivered his knock out blow before or after the bell. To make it worse, Redmond was also being seen to by medics inside the cage.

Goddard attempted to break up the pairs celebrations when McGregor charged him and shoved him before he was removed from the cage.


Probably the worst of all of McGregor’s indiscretions was April 2018, when he and a bunch of his friends boarded a private jet and flew to New York and then attacking a minibus full of UFC fighters. This landed him in jail and in the papers.

McGregor was seen throwing a loading trolley into the buses window, which broke, covering some of the people inside with glass. Michael Chiesa took McGregor to court for the attack, too.


In March 2019 footage was released which showed McGregor getting angry when a fan tried to film him while outside a nightclub at Miami Beach.

He was arrested at the venue for allegedly stealing a man’s cell phone and then smashing it into the ground.

The footage showed him swatting a cell phone from the man’s hand and then stomping on it.

McGregor was arrested on charges of strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief and the man who had his phone smashed launched a civil lawsuit, but later dropped the action and the charges were dismissed as the victim had had a change of heart. McGregor walked away with no punishment.


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