We’ve complied a list (and some videos) of four times McGregor shook the UFC world

Cage Warriors: 51

McGregors UFC dreams were not far out of reach by 2012, and on 2 June 2012 e won the Cage Warriors Featherweight title. That same year, on New Years Eve, he knocked out Ivan Buchinger in 3:40, despite him being up a class, awarding him a belt in two different weight classes.

This really put Conor on the UFCs radar, where he signed on 1 February 2013.


UFC 189

With barely two weeks to go to UFC 189, Jose Aldo’s rib injury allowed Chad Mendes to step into the breach when he pulled out of the match.

Mendes proved to be a very capable opponent, Both fighters had their moments, but McGregors body kicked caused enough damage to wind Mendes before the end of round two.

Diaz Loss

In a rear-naked choke in the second round of UFC 196, Diaz forced McGregor to submit. Despite a strong start, Diaz ripped up the script.

McGregor-Diaz 2

Probably the most anticipated rematch in the history of the UFC, and despite the huge risk of damaging his credentials, Conor was happy to cede the weight advantage at welterweight.

He was in control from the start, forcing Dias to the floor three times in the first two rounds. That said, Nate Diaz did not go down without an epic fight, delivering some telling blows.

In the fifth and final round, it was thought that Conor’s lack of experience might go against him, as he was not usually in such long battles, ending fights early.

Entering the fifth and final round, many worried that McGregor’s lack of experience in lengthy battles might go against him. He was used to ending fights early. Despite that downfall and inexperience McGregor showed good character right till the end.

But that rematch was one of the most highly ranked pay-per-view bouts in UFC history, selling over 1.6 million units, according to reports.


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