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Long before Conor McGregor became one of the most sought-after fights in mixed martial arts (MMA), there was a time when Michael Bisping was the most called-out fighter in the sport. Way before his days as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight champion (even after), “The Count” was on everyone’s wish list.

I mean he was called out by everyone, including Tim Kennedy, Lyoto Machida, Chris Weidman, Derek Brunson, Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Yoel Romero….just to name a few. It got to the point that “The Count” ultimately fired back at all the people wanting to fight him by advising them to focus on trying to get a fight against the champion, and not him by saying their stocks would rise further. And he did have a point, though it didn’t stop fighters from picking a fight against him, perhaps in hopes of trying to steal some of his shine since he was at the time the face of British MMA.

Or it could simply be that some felt Bisping was an easy draw, as he was often criticized for having “pillow fists,” though he ultimately had the last laugh as he is currently tied for second for most UFC wins alongside Georges St-Pierre with 20 and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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Or, it could simply be because Bisping could sell and hype up a fight like no other.

Now, it seems, Jon Jones seems to be the man on everyone’s hit list. This time around, though, it’s not in hopes of trying to get an “easy win,” as “Bones” is one of the most dominant champions in the history of MMA, as he has yet to suffer a true defeat.

The callouts have seemingly come out of nowhere, with people such as current interim middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, division king Robert Whittaker and Luke Rockhold, just to name a few, throwing their names in the hat for a fight against “Bones.” And they are all confident they are the one to hand him his first defeat, despite the fact that they are 185 pounders calling out a 205 pounder who could be fighting at heavyweight.

Still, it is commendable that these combatants are seeking out the toughest fight out there, as Jones’ resume speaks for itself, defeating a murderer’s row of legends, champions, former champions and up-and-comers. In short, he has taken on the best and defeated them all with ease, including current UFC heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, on two separate occasions.

At the end of the day, Jones welcomes all challengers, and even his coaches once stated that it’s interesting to see how the tables have turned, as Jon was once the young challenger coming up taking out all of big names and champions of the game. Now, he is the one being hunted, as the legend-killer has now become the legend.

Up next for “Bones” is a quest for his latest title defense as he takes on Thiago Santos at the upcoming UFC 239 pay-per-view event on July 6, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. With a win, Jones will collect his tenth title defense. If that happens, there is no telling what will be next for Jon, as he has pretty much cleaned out the 205-pound division. Which is bad news for all of the middleweights looking to fight him, because if Jon changes weight classes he will be going up, not down.

Speaking of which, there are several big men (specifically Cain Velasquez and Stipe Miocic) who have also expressed interest in a Jones fight, as well.

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